Born in Bari in 1984, he has cultivated an interest in art and music at the Liceo artistico in Bergamo and the Academy of Fine Arts inBrera in Milan.
In 2008 he wrote a his final exam at the Academy of Fine Arts, was a report on the design of Sound Sculpture was a further confirmation of the musical path: didgeridoo player since 2003, still focused in "contemporary" music production and in the organization of social gathering and musical meetings (Didjin'Rome, KeepOnDidjin, Psychedelic night)

Actually he is involved in 5 musical projects:

SHAMANIC – didgeridoo solo (contemporary music) \\\ tribal
DJANGGAWUL – with Francesco Mascio, Simone Mème \\\ visual noise psy jazz
PRIMITIVE FIELD – with Roberto Bellatalla, Ivan Macera\\\ free
OHM SWEET OHM – with Adriano Lanzi, Niccolo Fritz \\\ trip hop
THUMB – with Giuliano Lucarini, Emanuele Tomasi \\\ tribal

Parallel to musical projects, he promotes musical research with four main activities:
* Promotion of Italian events related to didjeridoo: Facebook group DIDJEVENTI
* Yoga practice with didjeridoo music: Facebook group Do you YOGAdoo? in collaboration with Benedetta Parroni
* radio #DIDJERITO (podcasts on
* musical meeting #KeepOnDidjin


Musician since 2003, specialized in didjeridoo, Aboriginal wind instrument, who teaches in Rome, but also throughout Italy in various holistic centers, music schools, associations and cultural festivals (organizing worshops, group courses and individual lessons).
In particular, his musical research concerns contemporary music through primitive instruments, and is not connected with Aboriginal culture (but he had a deep respect for aboriginal people).
He studies the harmonic singing and the trumpet in a complementary way.
Since 2010 he start to produce electronic music with Ableton Live and is engaged in electroacoustic research ranging from sound meditation projects, to radical improvisation, but also real musical compositions with other instruments.

The musical path led him to perform in prestigious places such as La Casa del Jazz, Festival I Vicoli del Jazz, Festival EarthGarden (Malta), Rhythmyk Festival, Festival Tolfarte, Festival Sant'Arte, Festival of Scorpio, Theater of the Lido Jazz Fest, Invisible Show (M-Hotel), Crack Festival, Handpan & Global music Festival, Terra Matta Music fest 2018, Clamore Festival, Vibe Connection didgeridoo Festival, Radio Citta Aperta Music Fest, Ferrara Buskers Festival, ICULT-Bic Lazio Le Custodi dell'arte (under the patronage of the Australian embassy), the regional finals of Arezzo Wave Lazio (with Malatesta Analogic Tribe - 21 May 2016) and major clubs in Italy, such as Circolo Randal, Forte Prenestino, Circolo H, Dal Verme, Fanfulla 5 / a, 30formics, Scuola Popolare di Musica Ivan Illic, Monk club, Largo Venue, Dissesto, Wishlist, Locanda Atlantide, Circolo Klamm, Ex Asilo Filangieri, Spazio Polaresco, Edonè, Circolo della Malpensata, Ink Club, Sottoscala 9, Esc Atelier, Macao, Strike, Circolo degli illuminati, Groovefarm, Blutopia, Ex Snia, La Strada, Villaggio Globale and many others .
Currently he has collaborated with great artists such as Stephen Kent, Mauro Tiberi, Ivan Macera, Roberto Fega, Roberto Bellatalla, Francesco Mascio, Simone Meme, Emanuele Tomasi, Giuliano Lucarini, Farzaneh Joorabtchi, Omar Lopez Valle, Gabin Dabirè, Dj Gruf, Diego Pandiscia, Dj Muf, Totter Todd Giovanni Abei, Jacopo dell'Abate, Davide Cipolla, Francesco Crovetto, CIOZ, Dario Rossi, Marco Brezza, Marco Colonna, Ludovica Manzo, Jack d'Amico, Danilo Desideri, Federica Michisanti, Nicolò Melocchi, Gianni Placido, Amptek, Ugo Vantini, Roberto Musto, Marcho Gronge, Federico Leo, Giacomo Ancillotto, Veronica Emer, Remo de Vico, Cristian Giustini, Alessandra Cristiani e Maddalena Gana.


2018: Trumpet lessons with Ersilia Prosperi
2017: Sainkho Namtchylak harmonic chanting workshop
2015: Stephen Kent Workshop
2015: Harmonic Singing Lesson with Mauro Tiberi
2013: Ableton Live - AIM giosef - Jacopo dell'Abate
2013: Gianni Placido workshop
2008: Trumpet course at the Eutarpe Music Academy
2010: Tran Quan Hai harmonic singing workshop
2003-2010: collaborations and seminars with different didgeridoo musicians (Popi, Andrea Ferroni, Ilario Vannucchi)


OFFLINE – 4 april 2019 []
(Primitive Field - SLAM PRODS label)
 – 11 october 2018 []
OhmSweetOhm.livesession n.1
 – February 2017 []
WiiTiiOmm (Primitive Field) – 9 January 2016 []
featuring in M.I.G.S (Gronge X) - 7 February 2015
OHM SWEET OHM | OUT OHM Ep - 20 October 2014 [Download da]
ALBERO SONORO  - didjeridoo solo Ep - 7 December 2013 [Download da]
OHM GROOVE | EP - 1 June 2013
live registrato da Terzo orecchio - Il respiro del suono (con Mauro Tiberi e Alberto Savini) - 29 March 2013
Didjestivo – 18 June 2012 [Download da]
Incantatori di Serpenti [Mauro Tiberi e Christian Muela] – 20 April 2012
Didjeribile Eph05 [Ephedrina] - 15 June 2011
Pull up!!! [An Einen Baum] - 1 February 2011
Seeds of [An Einen baum] - 21 January 2010
Albero 2.0 - 20 January 2011
Albero - 15 May 2009

Sede: Via Luigi Pirandello n. 31 - 37138 VERONA - ITALY
Codice Fiscale e Partita Iva 04274450230 N° REA VR-406943

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